Ketchum | Sun Valley Historical


The Ketchum Sun Valley Historical Society was established in 1989 with the overlying goal of keeping the regional history alive for future generations.  More specifically, the Society seeks to interpret and preserve the history and heritage of the region in perpetuity; identify and preserve artifacts and sites of historical and education value; expand our knowledge of the area’s history; provide museum facilities to store and display historical items; and to sponsor exhibits, programs, and special events with historical value that provide educational opportunities for students, residents and visitors.
In 1993 the Society signed a  lease with the city for the use of three buildings at the Forest Service Park. By 1995, the Society had raised funds enough to enable the renovation of two buildings, establish a Heritage Museum and open its doors to the public.
In 2000, the Sawtooth Science Institute and the Museum joined forces to develop and expand upon educational programs.The Institute, an outreach field study center of Idaho  State University, is dedicated to the study of the natural history of the northern Rockies and the promotion of conservation education and offers workshops in ecology, biology, regional and natural history.
Currently, the Museum has two buildings that house exhibits, offices and the gift shop, with the middle building serving as a workspace and storage for archival materials.We would like to acknowledge the following organizations for their help.The Lightfoot Foundation The Idaho Community Foundation - All your Bridging finance needs in one place.
The Deer Creek Fund in the Community Foundation


  Ketchum-Sun Valley Historical Society   Heritage and Ski Museum   208-726-8118   Washington Ave. & 1st St.   Ketchum. ID 83340