Lord of the Pings: Wi‑Fi Client Network Discovery

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We’re joined by noted wireless expert and author David Coleman to learn about what is on the horizon for Wi-Fi 7.

Ekahau Webinar wi-fi 7

In this special product update webinar, we’re taking a closer look at the newly announced products and features unveiled at #WiFiDay 2023.

Webinar October 19 Title Card

In this one-hour webinar, we’ll share highlights and discussions from our October 5 Wi-Fi Day.

Wi-Fi Day 2023: A Special APAC Recap

All 9 Wi-Fi Day 2023 session recordings now available! Register for instant access.

Wi-Fi Day 2023 October 5 #wifiday

We’re going back to the basics – teaching you the fundamentals of Wi-Fi science and the foundations of building, maintaining and optimizing high-performing wireless networks.

Ekahau Webinar-Back-To-Basics

Join us as we uncloak the unique challenges of Wi-Fi in schools, including primary, secondary, and university networks.

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