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Bet9ja Nigerian bookmaker codes meaning


Bet9ja codes and their meaning help to place the right bet. Each combination tells you the value of odds and forecast categories. Characters help you quickly understand what is happening. It may take a little work to remember what's going on at first. But then the bettor will be able to make quick decisions thanks to codes and odds.

"Can I win in sports betting in Tanzania?" - this question is of interest to the vast majority of those who have recently started or just want to start playing in betting offices. 

Some people ask the search engines something like "How to get rich on bets" or "How to earn on bets". Details about bookmakers and betting on the site of our partners

Basic bets: what's the meaning of over 2.5?

over 2.5 meaning in bet9ja and other codes

We'll start with the main bets. Their codes are visible above the match line: 1X2, DC, O/U.

The codes in column 1X2 mean victory in the match. 1 - the success of the "home" team, 2 - success of "away" team, X - draw.

The DC column has 1X - double outcome bet. That is, either the home team wins, or there will be a draw. The analogue of this bet is Away No Score. 

X2DC - either the home team wins, or there will be a draw. 12DC - one of the teams will win, but there will not be a draw. What does 12 mean? It's the equivalent of 12DC. 

O/U - bets on the number of goals in the match. Over - will score more goals than the specified amount, Under - will score less than the specified amount. 

Code OV0.5 refers to the situation when there is at least one goal in the match. Over 1.5 booking code is the assumption that there will be at least two goals scored by the team. Over 2.5 - the club will score more than three goals, and so on. 

The same is true for UN codes. Only the value is chosen as "less than that number of goals". For example, under 1.5 in Bet9ja means that less than two goals must be scored in the match. The game must end with 1 - 0 or 0 - 0. What is under 3.5 meaning? Accordingly, the assumption that both teams will score fewer than four goals in the match.

Additional bet: what is the meaning of 1/2 in Bet9ja

What is the meaning of 1/2 in Bet9ja? This bet can also be referred to as HT/ST/1/2. In this case, the player bets on the presumption that the "home team" wins the first half of the match and the "guests" win the second half. The results of each half of the game are considered separately.

1+&1+ Y - 1+ goals will be scored in the first half, and 1+ goals will be scored in the second half as well. Y refers to yes. Similar 1-&2-y - less than one goal is predicted in the first half and less than two goals in the second half.

Let's explain handicap meaning. It is another popular bet to increase your chances of winning. Handicap is given to one of the teams to provide the stake with a better chance of winning. For example, a player bets on (-1) Liverpool - means that one goal from this club is deducted from the betting calculation. A bet (+1) by Liverpool adds one to the stake. 

Tables of codes are posted on information sites, and you do not need to download the meaning pdf. Just google your request - for example, the meaning of ½. And you will find the answer right away.